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Most companies in Asia today do not have an in-house Data Science or Advanced Analytics team. At the initial phases of their Big Data and Advanced Analytics journey, companies are struggling with the data integration challenges to get a real time business intelligence on their data. With their hands full of projects to keep the lights on, organization not able to allocate time and resources on analytics innovation. On the other hand, it requires special skill sets and expertise to set up and implement an Advanced Analytics practice in an organization. Data Scientists are expensive and difficult to find.

Does that mean you are not ready to leverage on Advanced Analytics Techniques? Should you wait for the completion of other data projects?

Sormen provides Data Science As a Service to organizations to help them with concrete and quick results from their Big Data. With our business and analytics expertise, we bring down the turnaround time for customers to weeks time and deliver them concrete results. Customers get great flexibility in terms of analytics tools and services to get quick and positive ROIs, at the same time incorporating the solution in their IT roadmap.

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About Sormen

We are a team of experts offering a range of software solutions and consulting services to our customers helping them reach their potential and outperform their competitors.

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