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Leverage on Single Platform for Advanced Analytics Needs

Data is the new oil. How people, machines interact with each other and between themselves, will define the next paradigm. Businesses need to understand their data and create capabilities to handle, explore, mine and visualize patterns out of large data sets. This will enable businesses to explore newer opportunities in the connected world. It can also help them realize higher efficiency in the business with tighter cost control.

Despite of how important data analytics is for businesses, today we have less than 1% of World’s Information being analysed today. Indeed there are several challenges to deal with to reap the value out of the data spread across the digital spectrum.

At Sormen, we partnered with world's leading Advanced Analytics Platform to provide end-to-end Predictive Analytics and Text Mining solutions to our customers. Our consultants helps businesses strategize their Big data endeavours, create organizational roadmaps and initiate and deliver turnkey projects. Our expertise in getting big data and analytics together, ensures you have the right partner in your analytics journey.


At our Advanced Data Analytics practice, we are focussed on providing solutions around:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Text Mining
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
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About Sormen

We are a team of experts offering a range of software solutions and consulting services to our customers helping them reach their potential and outperform their competitors.

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